Yuriko Carrington Origen Air


VP of Scientific Research & Development

Yuriko has been involved in a vast array of research work prior to her time with Origen, including earning a PhD and a BSc (honours) in Science from the University of Victoria as well as 8 years of work experience at UVic. During her graduate studies at the Department of Biology, she genetically engineered knock-in and knock-out plants and analyzed their metabolic profiles using LC-MS to characterize the in vivo functions of the enzyme quinate dehydrogenase. Outside of research, she greatly enjoys teaching science and has taken on a variety of mentorship roles as a laboratory teaching assistant, science tutor for middle school students and as a volunteer for the Canadian Association for Girls in Science. As the VP of Scientific Research & Development, she is helping to bring the Origen SENTINEL air purifier and other products to life. 

Fun Facts

  • Loves working with plants

  • Has an incredible soft spot for animals and volunteers with the Victoria Humane Society

  • Passionate about drawing and painting and practicing taekwondo