Andrew J. Crawford

Founder & CTO

In 2016, Andrew J. Crawford returned to his birthplace of Victoria, BC to start the company that would become Origen Air Systems Ltd.

From 2005 to 2016, he spent 11 years living in the Hawaiian Islands where he owned and operated a hospitality consultancy group, raised his family, and was the owner/operator of an orchid nursery as well as an active organic gardner.

Andrew possesses a strong background in economics and hospitality management which has served him well over the past 20 years as a hotel manager and consultant working with such brands as The Four Seasons, Hilton, Starwood, and Ritz Carlton. He has a strong knowledge of botany, irrigation systems, and the wholesale/retail plant industry. His companies advocate sustainable farming practises and promote organic growing procedures. He has been a proud member of the Surfrider Foundation for over 25 years.

Origen Air Systems was founded under the premise of “Living Pono,” which is a powerful Hawaiian term that means “living with a conscious decision to do the right thing in terms of self, others, and the environment.”

With a fiery entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for disruptive innovation, Andrew has been on the front lines in the development of vertical farms, living walls, electric vehicles, water filtration, waste management, and alternative energy solutions.

Susan Blanchet

Founder & CEO

From 2005 to  2019, Susan worked as legal counsel for the BC Ministry of Attorney General appearing in front of the BC Provincial, Supreme, and Court of Appeal.  She successfully defended leave to appeal at the Supreme Court of Canada. Susan ran successful arbitrations, mediations, and examinations. with legal expertise in personal injury, contract, tax, environmental, and land law.

Susan holds a law degree (2002) and a double major honours degree in Psychology and Environmental Studies (1997) from the University of Victoria.

Her passion lies in giving back. She recently funded the purchase of land to build a school for impoverished children in SiemReap, Cambodia. As a mother of three teenaged sons she wants to leave a healthy and sustainable legacy for future generations. 

Susan is an accomplished and resilient advocate who is passionate about the pursuit of justice for human and environmental health, education, and well-being. From a young age, Susan’s motivation was to champion those who had no voice. As a lawyer, mother, coach, philanthropist, and clean bio-tech entrepreneur, she now leads Origen Air. This company empowers nature to metabolize pollutants, produce oxygen, improve health, and increase productivity all while saving a significant amount of energy. 

Susan’s goal is to prove, as Costa Rica has done over the last three decades,  that it is possible to grow economically while conserving nature simultaneously.

In her spare time, Susan sails the local gulf islands, devours literature, coaches soccer, and explores beautiful British Columbia’s forests, beaches, and oceans.

Susan and Andrew also manage Origen Clean, a company providing probiotic cleaning solutions. Their mission is to restore biological balance to indoor spaces.

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