Sentinel Purifier

Indoor Spaces

The Sentinel air purifier is perfect for areas where a water feature or living wall would normally be installed. It can eliminate particles that are 80,000 times smaller than other air purifiers.

The following are some of the key features the Sentinel has to offers:

  • Removes airborne VOCs, CO2, and more

  • UV-C light sterilization 

  • Autonomous aeroponic terrarium

  • I.O.T air quality sensor network

  • Digital display for IAQ data and advertising

Origen Air Sentinel Unit

Enhanced Plants

The air passes our anti-microbial LED grow light. This technology provides the necessary UV source for sustained plant photosynthesis. Our UV-C LED lights also remove airborne viruses, allergens and mould spores from the incoming air.

The air is inducted into the internal air chamber. Each Enhanced Plant is securely seated within our proprietary grow pots. These pots are strategically affixed to the internal air chamber. The exposed roots sit on the inside of the chamber and the foliage on the outside of the chamber.

Golden pothos ivy plant leaf

Fresh Air System

Polluted indoor air is pulled into the top vent of our filter. The air quality is measured upon entry by our IAQ sensor and passes through a circular HEPA filter, removing large particulate matter.

The internal air chamber is governed by IAQ sensors, onboard fans and the Origen Air O/S and A.I. technologies. As the air is brought to ideal humidity, temperature and purification levels, the system vents the fresh air outward from the unit into the surrounding air spaces.

An outgoing IAQ sensor will quantify the difference in IAQ from inbound air to outbound air producing real-time reports and updates for both the clients and the Origen Optimized service team.