The Benefits

Sentinel unit office space

Energy Efficiency

Keeping your indoor air safe and comfortable requires filtration, heating, cooling, and humidity controls. Airborne pollutants from the outdoor air are often pulled into the building, which is then ventilated and further contaminates the indoor air quality (IAQ) as it circulates through the indoor living spaces. To solve this problem, commercial HVAC systems must draw more fresh air into the building each hour. This process can be inefficient, expensive, and does not benefit an individual's health.

Origen Air’s Sentinel unit removes dangerous toxins from indoor air spaces. This proactive process reduces the demand for outdoor air being exchanged every hour. By reducing the outdoor air exchanges, the result is a lower cost, safe, indoor air supply at an ideal temperature and humidity, with zero waste.

Health & Wellness

Our patent-pending enhanced plant technology removes toxins as well as improves the indoor air quality of your building with fresh, clean oxygen. When the dangerous indoor air toxins are removed, building occupants' may experience enhancements to their workplace health, wellness, and productivity. Thus, long-term health risks will be prevented.

A recent study by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health shows that cognitive performance can be improved by 101% by reducing CO2 and VOCs.

Employee and customer wellness clean air
Zero waste air purifier

Zero Waste

Our plants are grown hydroponically in our indoor greenhouses. We strive for carbon neutrality during the propagation and cultivation stages. As the plants mature, they become activated biofilters that clean and purify the indoor air. 

Once the plants complete their functional life cycle as living air purifiers, they will be removed from their aeroponic terrarium and composted naturally.