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Origen Air’s Susan Blanchet To Join The Social Movement

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Susan Blanchet, will be a participant in Season 2 of The Social Movement!

The social movement Origen Air

The Social Movement is a tv show that brings people with incredible minds together to compete for the chance to change the world through philanthropy. The show brings competition, business, and humanity front and center.

The documentary/reality series is produced by Chris LaVoie (Producer of the series Top Recruiter). It brings together 50 top-level CEOs working to solve social, environmental, and economic issues that are harming the planet. These issues include income inequality, access to health care, global warming, hunger, climate change, racism, pandemics, and support for homeless people.

In the show, leaders will be challenged to create a team and, in four days, come up with a financially viable business model that is going to solve one of these issues. They will then pitch their model to The Social Movement’s ‘Genius’: a successful business person who will decide who wins and gets to then develop their idea into reality.

For Susan, she will be taking this opportunity to show the world what Origen Air and Origen Clean are all about. Telling the story of how our sustainable purification systems and our organic, non toxic probiotic cleaner can make for cleaner, healthier air and surfaces for everyone.

Check out the full extended trailer from last year's season 1 here:

When asked about what she is most excited about for the show, Susan said 

I have always had a drive to make our world a better place, with our two clean-tech companies we wake up to do this every day, however, there is power when one becomes many and when many become a Movement.Therefore, I am most excited to meet my tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs and see how together we can make the impossible possible

Red Knight Studio Company is committed to telling the stories worthy of being told. The ones which not only entertain us, but also inspire, teach, humor, and grow us. The ten show series will be premiering on Amazon Prime on Earth Day 2021.

You can follow the show on social media in lead-up to the release on instagram: 

@socialmovementtv @redknightstudioscompany with @lavoie_films @kevinedwardkempf @mollydare@victoriahrush @simply_b_sarah and 49 other talented CEO’s.

And you can follow Susan at: @susanraeblanchet

CEO Origen Air Susan Blanchet