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Origen Air July Updates

Updated: Jul 16

We had a busy month at Origen Air! In this blog post, you will find updates on business developments, pitch events, and new sustainable solutions on the horizon. Our goal is to keep you informed as we continue to grow and make positive changes in developing our technologies.

Origen Air Grew

We added a Chief Information Officer, Sustainable Development Manager, Sustainable Business Manager, Manager of Marketing and Digital Media, and three students working in Marketing and Product Discovery to our team over the past few months. Most of these positions are covered by grants totalling almost $100,000 towards recent graduate and student labour.  As recipients of BCIT’s 400 free hours, our Chief Information Officer is working with 5 students from BCIT on developing our real-time application for monitoring VOC, CO2, humidity, and O2 levels in the Origen Air purification systems.

Pitches & Podcasts

In June, we were chosen to pitch at VANTEC’s Health and Life Sciences Pitch Event and VOLITION Women’s Pitch Canada Event. Our Founder and CEO, Susan Blanchet, was also invited to participate in Women in Tech World’s Women in Tech Mastermind Series. Our Founder and CTO, Andrew Crawford, was featured on Startup Vancouver’s Podcast “What Keeps you up at Night”. Watch it again at here. In July, we will be pitching at VANTEC’s Live Pitch Event in Vancouver, and are always seeking more opportunities!

Business & Investment Seed Round

Origen Air’s due diligence data room is complete and ready for sharing with serious Seed/Angel Investors. We are currently raising $700,000 to take us from prototype to commercial launch. Foresight’s talented EIR’s have our team on the fast track on all things business and technology development. We are grateful for the feedback, wisdom and gracious nature of our three amazing amigos, Aaron, Jeff and Frank. Aaron has been working directly with our Sustainable Business Manager and three students in Marketing and Product Discovery to complete detailed research and finalize Origen Air’s Market Validation Assessment. We formally submitted our prototype application to Global Affairs Canada for the creation of an outdoor bus stop air purifier. This one will be a game changer for urban city centers and are working with a talented group of engineers at the University of Victoria.

Origen Clean: Probiotic Line

We have commercially launched Origen Clean, our probiotics company for sanitizing surfaces and destroying biofilm! Origen Clean’s probiotics line provides a scientifically proven natural defence against microscopic biological threats to human health. The deployment of Origen Clean alongside effective cleaning procedures will limit the human health threats of COVID-19. In the future, this solution will be onboarded with our air purification technology to improve the efficacy and purification rates of our systems. The Marketing and Product Discovery students are developing relationships with companies and institutions in Victoria and Vancouver, so we can commence deploying our probiotics in establishments. Victoria International Airport is our Anchor Client. We were featured in the Victoria Times Colonist on Thursday! Check out the article here.


It has been an engaging month for Origen Air with the clean tech start-up life rolling along at full speed despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We at Origen Air view this global shut-down as a time to carefully assess our human health priorities to determine the safest and most productive way to make meaningful improvements on how we live, work, and interact with one another. In times of uncertainty and challenge, the Origen Air Team remains dedicated to the innovation and growth of our nature-based solution for global air pollution and human health.

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