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Origen Air 2020 Year in Review

origen air 2020 year in review

Hi there!

Thank you for being with us throughout our journey. We hope your 2020, while a strange year, was memorable and enlightening. For us, 2020 was special. It was a year of discovery, growth, and opportunity. Here's a list of some of our important moments that happened throughout the year. We couldn't have accomplished these feats without your support. We look forward to what 2021 has in store for us.


The Origen Team

Our Team

  • Hired 9 new team members

  • Moved to a larger high tech office space

  • Hired our first Ph.D. to micro-propagate and test our GM pothos ivy

  • Hired a civil and mechanical engineer to complete our prototype

origen air team members

Our Leadership

susan blanchet origen air ceo

Our Milestones

  • Won a Mitacs Grant for $90,000

  • Received $90,000 in Project funding

  • Raised over $200,000 in non-dilutive grant funding

  • Raised over $200,000 in investment capital in a pre-seed round that closed in November

  • Landed 5 external media features

  • Completed our Sentinel prototype

origen air webinar guest valley first

clean tech talks alacrity canada podcast

Our Website and Social Media

  • We built a brand new website

  • Had 1,800+ unique visitors

  • Released seven promotional videos

  • Wrote 16 blog posts to help people stay healthier indoors

  • Gained 900+ new followers on our channels

  • Reached 20,000+ on our channels

origen air website home page

Our Future

  • Started work on the Spring Impact Investor Challenge

  • Our CEO, Susan Blanchet, was chosen (as one of six finalists) to pitch to Silicon Valley Investors at Women in Cleantech and Sustainability on Jan 21, 2021, in San Francisco

  • Sentinel Beta unit coming soon

  • More pitches and competitions

  • More podcasts

  • More clean indoor air!

women cleantech sustainability finalist susan blanchet

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