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When Nature Thrives, So Will Humanity

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A single plant growing in a forest is a beautiful vision to behold.

Nature air purification

With each passing day, the forest ecosystem that it has found purchase within, weaves a complex network of cooperative and competitive biological relationships.

A silent symbiotic forest symphony rings out loud, despite rarely making a sound.

Natural events as simple as a prolonged rainy evening set forth a crescendo of rapid activity and change within the living forest.

Nature's ability to adapt to significant changes and embrace progress with fluidity and harmony is a trait that sets the natural world apart from the human world.

We were once a part of this natural system.

Our departure 200 years ago was rapid and abrupt.

As we drive relentlessly towards this elusive “utopian” human existence, we are dangerously close to leaving our life source behind forever.

We must remember where life on this planet originates.

We must cherish the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we grow.

We must remember that humans are part of a larger network of life on this earth.

We are not the owners of this network.

This network is NOT for sale.

When nature thrives, so too will humanity.

We ARE Nature.

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