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Nature Always Wins

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

There are angry old men pulling individual weeds from their lawns while I write this blog post.

The nature triple bottom line

The funny thing is, in 5 years, nobody will care about Arthur Johnson’s perfect lawn.

The Arthur will pass on, his home will get sold.

The new buyer won’t have time to pull weeds and the perfect lawn will be a thing of the past.

Nature always wins.

An opulent beach home was built right on the coastal wetlands of Florida in the 1970’s.

Today, that home is being washed into the sea with no hope to save it.

Nature always wins.

A northern Canadian town was ravaged by a wildfire ignited by a cigarette butt.

Within weeks of this preventable tragedy, the local vegetation had already begun growing out of the charred remains.

Nature always wins.

Over the past 200 years, humans have escalated our suicidal efforts to prove this theory wrong.

We hear what the scientists are saying the same way a drunk redneck hears his sober friend caution him not to jump his minibike over the bonfire.

His slurred response to logic:

 “Hold my beer….”

Humans are irrefutably efficient at fighting nature in 2019.

Our efficiency as an industrious and ‘intelligent’ species has created an unfair fight.

Nature always wins, but she is struggling with the rate of our brutal attacks.

She has broken a sweat, she is battered and bruised.

You can see her wincing in pain as this battle wages on.

Tragically, this is a fight she never wanted in the first place.

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