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Make The Trash

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The epiphany that we cannot simply “Make, Take and Trash” everything has hit humanity right between the eyes.

Ocean pollution and nature

It Doesn't Go Away

That plastic water bottle, that sushi tray, that flat screen tv that doesn’t work……they don’t rejoin the productive circle of our ecosystem.

There is an actual cost that our planet bears for these items that is not reflected in their prices.

If your plastic bottle was left alone in a landfill, it would still be here in 450 years.

If your water bottle costs you $2.00 and the environmental logjam created by that bottle is 450 years, there is a massive true cost accounting problem here.

If Nestle had to charge you an additional penny/year for creating and selling this environmental scourge, that would raise the cost of the bottle to $6.50 assuming Nestle’s large profit margin remains the same.

Would thirsty consumers actually pay $6.50 for the convenience of a plastic bottle?

What if there was an alternative cardboard, biodegradable vessel for $2.01? – assuming that the cardboard could be broken down and returned to the productive system within a year.

This irresponsible system of scale and profit has reveals a massive deficiency within our planetary capacity to bear the true cost of these products.

Until there is a level of financial pain associated with unsustainable business practices, meaningful change will not occur.

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