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Human Aquariums

Updated: Jul 16

If you are working in an urban environment, the chances that you have access to a window that opens to the outdoors is highly unlikely.

What Is A "Human Aquarium"?

The term “Human Aquarium” elicits humourous visuals of a Sea Monkey-like environment with all of our coworkers floating around beside us like fish in an aquarium.

The buildings that we now work in are almost as perfectly sealed as an actual water filled aquarium.

We ARE swimming around,  the medium is just not water. 

When we go to the office for 40 hours a week, we are swimming in a sea of Indoor Air.

What Is In The Aquarium?

This air is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, CO2 and a vast amount of invisible micro toxins that increase as a result of daily human activities.

We cannot see these toxins, they are microscopic in side.

We cannot smell them or touch them with our basic human sensory faculties.

We will not know that we have been exposed or affected by these toxins until our immune systems and organs react.

Our aquarium is dangerous. 

What's Next?

We need to change the water now.

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