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Origen Air Partners With BCIT To Bring Air Purification Data To Life

After nearly three months of development, Origen Air’s brand new monitoring app has come to fruition. Origen Air partnered with a dedicated group of BCIT students to build the app, which allows organizations to view dynamic air quality monitoring and reporting for their environment when using Origen Air or Origen Clean products.

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BCIT Partnership

Origen Air’s CIO, Ryan Lider, had the privilege of working closely with the BCIT volunteers over the 10-week development period. From coding to development and planning, Ryan was amazed by the dedication and passion shown by the students on a daily basis. Their drive to help foster cleaner indoor air environments around the world helped breathe life into the new Origen Air monitoring app.

The BCIT volunteers were students who completed roughly two years of programming classes and were enrolled at BCIT. Specifically, they came from a class that seeks to provide students with opportunities to help solve industry problems and gain real-world development experience.

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How The App Will Be Used

The Origen Air monitoring app provides a portal for the Origen Air purifiers so that data from the purifiers can be stored and visualized. Alerts can also be sent when sensor values are out of range. Additionally, input controls can be modulated in order to maximize software control of air quality.

The app provides an interface to engage with the sensors and control inputs of all Origen Air and Origen Clean products, depending on which product a client purchases. Dynamic reporting, threshold alerts, time data-based module control and more are available to any organization that uses the Origen product line.

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As of now, the app is intended to be used by businesses and their employees. It even has a built in permission system to distinguish between employees to give varying administrative privileges. Organizations have a choice to send employees alerts where they can visualize their air quality, or give full administrative power to employees who may need more control over the inputs of the Origen units themselves. That said, there is nothing preventing this app from being readily suitable for household and personal use as well!

The app will continue to morph and take new shape over time as new data and air quality research becomes available. As more organizations start using the app themselves, feedback and app improvements will be made as needed.

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How To Get Involved

The Origen Air monitoring app is live now at origenoptimized.com where new users can create a username and password; however, since no organization is currently using the app, there’s no sensor data to show. This will come as prototype development continues to mature.

If you or your business is interested in implementing cleaner indoor air and using our new Origen Air monitoring app, you can contact us for more information on our air purification systems. By working with Origen Air, you are committing to a more sustainable lifestyle and business environment while minimizing your impact on the earth.

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