Natural air purification mission


Our mission is to produce the most effective and beautiful living air purifiers in the world to restore healthy living spaces for humanity to thrive. We named our company Origen Air because of where we started. By “we”,  we mean all of us. The origin of life on this planet.

Life on earth was made possible by photosynthesis and the resulting plant-based lifeforms that populated our planet. Our dynamic biosphere has supported the evolution of life-forms, including humans for over 2 billion years. During this time, all living things, existed in careful balance with nature. We as humans have thrown that balance off and it's time for us to get it back in check.

We ARE Nature.

The “gen” part of our name is not a clever misspelling for marketing purposes. It is the acknowledgement of our deep-rooted commitment to genetic bioscience and its crucial role in producing our natural air purification technologies.




Through the implementation of companies such as Origen Air, both the intellectual and physical dimensions of health could be improved by removing pollutants from indoor air.

I was diagnosed with pneumonia because of haze in Beijing. The doctor suggested I to stop outdoor activities for a month. Origen Air's presentation convinced me that the environment we live in is a strong determinant of health.

I was unaware that genetically modified plants have cleaner air then unmodified plants. People should be aware of this issue because poisonous air pollutants can negatively affect your life over a long period.