Keeping indoor air safe and comfortable requires filtration, heating, cooling, and humidity controls. Airborne contaminants exist within the outdoor air that is brought into the building. The ventilated air gets further contaminated as it circulates through the indoor living spaces. 

To solve this problem, the HVAC system must draw more fresh air into the building each hour. This process is wasteful, expensive, inefficient, and does not adequately solve the threats to human health. With the added threat of outdoor air pollution, the challenges faced by HVAC systems are rapidly rising.

Origen Air’s living air purification removes dangerous toxins from indoor air spaces. This proactive process reduces the demand for outdoor air being exchanged every hour. By reducing the outdoor air exchanges, the end result is a lower cost, safe, indoor air supply at an ideal temperature and humidity, with zero waste.


The Enhanced Plant Technology actively metabolizes indoor air toxins, restoring indoor air quality while enriching it with fresh, clean oxygen. Reducing exposure to dangerous indoor air toxins will improve the health and wellness of all humans breathing this clean air. Absenteeism in the workplace will decline. Human performance will increase. Long term health risks will be averted.

A recent study by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health shows that cognitive performance can be improved 101% by reducing CO2 and VOCs.

Employee and customer wellness clean air
Zero waste air purifier


Our Enhanced Plants are grown hydroponically in our indoor greenhouses. We practice zero-impact horticulture, minimizing our resource consumption during propagation and cultivation stages. As the plants mature, they become activated biofilters tasked with a critically important job. The RESPIRA Filter balances the biologic needs of our plants with maximum air filtration capacity.

As our plants take their place in your building, they will flourish and grow. Every new leaf affords additional air cleaning capacity to absorb harmful indoor air pollutants.

Eventually, our plants will complete their functional life cycle as a living air purifier.  At this point, the plant will be removed from its hydroponic solution and composted naturally. 

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