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At Origen Air, we believe that nature always wins. That's why we've harnessed the power of nature to restore biological balance to indoor spaces through our Smart, Living, Air Purifiers.


We are an early-stage BC-based health-tech startup dedicated to scrubbing pollutants out of indoor air. We aim to maximize human health and productivity while significantly lowering our clients' energy costs. 


Our mission is to produce the most effective and beautiful living air purifiers in the world. We are covid-ready.

Our Global

We are working towards making buildings around the world safer by empowering nature. Through this process, we are targeting global change to ensure the UN Sustainable Development Goals are reached. The goals we strive to achieve include:

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Awards & Accolades

Origen Air has been featured in the media on several occasions and received awards for its progression in the CleanTech world. Our leadership team has also engaged in a range of speaking events, aimed at driving change for a more sustainable and healthy indoor environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of plants are used in the Sentinel unit? Do they require any day-to-day maintenance?

The plant utilized in the Sentinel unit is the genetically enhanced Epipremnum aureum (i.e., Golden Pothos Ivy). The plant operates best under moderate to bright light, as well as under fluorescent light sources. This makes the upkeep of the plant very minimal. The ivy species is a commonly found houseplant as even in low light conditions the plant thrives and remains a vibrant green colour.

How does the Sentinel unit monitor air quality?

Origen Air’s built-in IAQ sensor technology monitors relative humidity, CO2, O2, TVOC, temperature, lumens, and water levels. The SENTINEL and CANOPY will also have on-board cameras for remote maintenance monitoring. Origen Air’s proprietary smartphone app provides real-time quality control and maintenance alerts.

Is the Sentinel unit compliant with ASHRAE and their guidelines?

Yes. Specifically Standard 62.1: Section 5.01.1 Ventilation air distribution systems shall be provided that allow field verification of outdoor air intake flow (Vot) during operation. Section 5.01.3 Design documents to specify minimum requirements for air balance testing or reference applicable national standards for measuring and balancing airflow. Design assumptions must be stated with respect to ventilation rates and air distribution. Section 5.04.1 Ventilation equipment shall be installed with working space that will allow for inspection and routine maintenance. Section 5.04.2 Airstream surface materials shall be evaluated in accordance with the erosion test in UL 181 and shall not break away, crack, peel, flake off, or show evidence of delamination or continued erosion under test conditions. Section 5.05.5 Outdoor air intakes shall be designed to prevent penetration by a 0.5in (13mm) diameter probe. Section 5.07.1 Air-cleaning devices shall be listed and labelled in accordance with UL 2998. Section 5.07.2 Not allowed to transmit 185nm wavelengths. Section 5.15.1 Equipment shall be installed with a workable space for routine inspections and maintenance. Section 5.15.2 Access doors and panels shall be used to allow access for any inspections, calibrations or maintenance of the system. Section 5.15.3 Access doors and panels shall be used to allow access for any inspections, calibrations or maintenance of items such as air cleaners, fans, humidifiers, etc... Section 5.16.2 Surfaces whose temperatures are expected to fall below the surrounding dew-point temperature shall be insulated. Insulation system thermal resistance and material characteristics shall prevent condensate from forming on the exposed surface and within the insulating material. Section If air leaving a space passes through an air-cleaning system, redesignation of the cleaned air to a cleaner classification shall be permitted per the following requirements... Section In buildings that exceed the national standard or guideline for PM 10, particle filters/air-cleaning devices shall either have a MERV rating not less than 8 or the minimum efficiency within ISO ePM10. Section In buildings that exceed the national standard or guideline for PM 2.5, particle filters/air-cleaning devices shall either have a MERV rating not less than 11 or the minimum efficiency within ISO ePM2.5. Section Air cleaning devices for ozone shall be provided when the most recent 3 years average annual fourth-highest daily maximum eight-hour average ozone concentration exceeds 0.100ppm. Section In buildings that exceed the national standard for one or more contaminants not addressed above, any design assumptions and calculations to the impact on IAQ shall be included in the design documents.

What are the dimensions of the Sentinel unit?

The unit is approximately the size of a commercial refrigerator. Width: ~48 inches Height: ~68 inches Depth: ~32 inches

What return on investment (ROI) does the Sentinel unit provide?

Our product will make a positive impact on more than just the indoor air quality: Integrating the Sentinel into organizations will improve indoor air quality metrics pertinent to “WELL” building certifications. Achieving higher WELL scores will improve corporate ESG ratings which have become a key performance metric in assessing the overall success of today’s publicly traded companies. Clients operating within public spaces will be afforded the opportunity to integrate digital advertising campaigns and associated revenue streams through the utilization of our factory-installed Biobillboard located at the outbound, purified air duct of The Sentinel. These programs convert productive health and safety investment (Air Purification) into strong marketing and branding opportunities for both the Origen Air client and our ad agency partners.

I live outside of Canada, can I still purchase a Sentinel unit?

Yes. The company is looking to make both national and international sales as air quality is a universal issue.

How much electricity does the Sentinel unit use?

The Sentinel does not draw a significant amount of power. A reasonable estimation for utility costs would be $0.01 SGD per hour. The monthly cost would be $0.30. 2yrs cost would be $7.66.

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